Celestial Septum Ring

Gorgeous septum ring with delicate beading. Can also be worn in the tragus, helix, forward helix or bellybutton.

These Septum rings are solid Gold, not plated or filled and contain no nickel whatsoever, so perfectly safe for those who have a sensitivity.

Celestial - Septum Ring

  • Solid Sterling Silver / Solid Gold


    Gauge - 14 (1.6mm)

    Width at widest part 14mm.

    Inside diameter - 8mm.

    Standard Gauge sizes:
    18 gauge: 1mm (this is the same as an earring wire)
    16 gauge: 1.2mm (still thinnner than average body piercing size)
    14 gauge: 1.6mm (standard body piercing gauge, ie, a belly ring)
    12 gauge: 2mm (Slightly thicker than average)