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I have always had a love of jewellery, ancient or contemporary, it has always fascinated me. I went from being a collector of beautiful pieces to taking a big leap and signing up to study for an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design at the Design Centre Enmore which I completed in 2013.

Since then it has been my all encompassing passion to build my Burning Rose Jewellery Co. into a brand of high quality, beautiful pieces that will last a lifetime with the help of my husband Ben, who has been in the jewellery industry for decades.


I use many different techniques to create my jewellery, including traditional hand makes from raw Silver, wax carvings which are then hand cast using the lost wax technique but mostly I have carved my niche in CAD and 3D printing. Don’t be fooled, this technique takes many years of experience to master. I create my designs in 3D using a 3D modelling program. These files are then expertly printed in micron thin layers to build a 3D wax model. This model is then beautifully hand cast using the lost wax casting method and then polished, given its patina and stones painstakingly set with care.


I am inspired by the mythical, the esoteric, the natural world, sci-fi and tattoo culture.

The pieces I love to make and design are my signet rings, custom signet rings which are designed just for you, my zodiac jewellery including pendants and hand carved bespoke pieces. Favourite stones - Tiger's Eye, black Onyx, Opal and deep red Garnet are my go to gemstones for epic pieces that I hope will become heirloom jewellery to pass down the generations. 


My small business is run from my home studio in Sydney/Gadigal Land, where I design and make, package and dispatch each and every order myself. All messages are replied to by me and I take pride in my attention to detail and excellent customer service.


Between mid January and mid October, I can take custom orders, please get in touch to have your very own future heirloom brought to life!

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