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Dreaming of Gold

Investing in a beautiful piece of Gold jewellery can feel like a dream. Here's how to get it right. 


Gold has been crafted into precious talismans, symbols of wealth, power and immortality for thousands of years. Perhaps this is why it holds such a sway over our collective consciousness still. 

Most of the pieces you see from Burning Rose Jewellery Co. are made from solid Sterling Silver, which our go-to signature style. Gold however is something really special, something to invest in, assign personal significance to and pass down the generations. 

If you're new to real Gold jewellery and don't know where to start or what's right for you, I can help. 

The types of Gold we work with at Burning Rose Jewellery Co. are, 9kt, 14kt and 18kt Gold and these can all be yellow, white or rose Gold. 

So what is karat? The karat refers to the alloy or purity of the Gold. All Gold except for 24kt is an alloy (a mixture) of pure Gold, mixed with other metals for the different qualities that they possess.


18kt Gold is 75% pure Gold and 25% other alloyed metals.

14kt Gold is 58% pure Gold and 42% other alloyed metals.

9kt Gold is 37.5% pure Gold and 62.5% other alloyed metals. 

24kt Gold or pure Gold is rarely used in jewellery as it is very soft and therefore not suitable for everyday wear. Mostly the jewellery you would see today made from this most precious metal is the ancient jewellery pieces reserved for the kings and queens of ancient history, filling museum cabinets around the world. 

The other metals added are to give the benefits of hardness and colour. Copper, being a very hard metal is added for hardness and to colour rose Gold. In the case of white Gold, Palladium may be added for whiteness. 

So what karat should you choose? Because pure Gold is soft and the added metals are harder, the lower the karat of Gold, the harder it will be. 

This means that 9kt Gold is the hardest wearing of the three. It's also the most budget friendly option.

18kt Gold is the most beautiful option, a stunning buttery shade of gold that is unmistakable as high karat. It is softer, though don't be fooled by the word soft, it's still a metal and durable as such. 

14kt is in-between and has some of the benefits of both. 14kt is a favourite of mine as it has a stronger colour than 9kt but is less expensive and harder than 18kt making it a good option for most people. 

If you are considering having your own custom Gold heirloom created, get in touch to discuss ideas and what we can do for you. 


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