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You should expect to see your jewellery collect little scratches and dints over time which will add to it’s uniqueness, but to keep it looking its best, avoid activities that may scratch, knock or damage it such as wearing it at the gym or rock climbing.


Keep it away from chemicals which may react, such as chlorine and sunscreen. These can dull the finish and cause tarnish, especially on Silver.


Take off necklaces for bed to avoid breaking the chain.


Store items separately so that they don’t tangle, rub against and scratch each other. A soft jewellery box where you can lay them out is ideal.


Over time your jewellery might need a spruce up. Silver is susceptible to tarnishing over time, turning dull or even black. This is totally normal for Sterling Silver. It’s very easy to clean your jewellery yourself. Add a couple of drops of washing up liquid to a bowl of warm water and clean thoroughly with a soft sponge (no brillo pad!). Then leave to air dry or use a soft cloth to dry. If your jewellery is very tarnished, Silver polishing cloths can be purchased online or from the cleaning aisle at the supermarket. Give it a good rub with the cloth and this will take the tarnish off. Silver polishing cloths can also be used on Gold.

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