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Lotus Septum Ring


Lotus flower inspired Septum ring. This ring could also be worn in the daith, helix, tragus or rook.


Choose your precious metal from the drop down menu.


Sterling Silver

9kt Yellow Gold

9kt Rose Gold

9kt White Gold


This ring has an internal diamter of 8mm and is suitable for the septum, tragus, daith, rook or helix. Larger rings can be made to fit the conch or nipple, just get in touch to have a custom size created. To get the best fit, please measure the inside of your current ring to ensure this ring is suitable for you.


This ring is made with 14 gauge Silver or Gold wire which is 1.6mm thick. Not all septums have been pierced with the same thickness. The standard is usually 16 gauge, which is 1.2mm thick. 


This ring in 14 gauge has a lovely thickness and a quality feel to it. Because of this thickness, it can be a little tricky to insert yourself as it doesn’t bend so easily as the thinner rings. Taking it to a piercer to put in for you is going to be the easiest method. If this isn't an option, I recommend either selecting the 16 or even 18 gauge, or if you feel confident to do it yourself (as I do with mine) you’ll just need some thin nose pliers to carefully open and close it. I will pre-anneal your ring. This is heating to a cherry red which *science time* will relax the molecules grip on each other, allowing the metal to bend more easily. Open and close with a sideways twist to not deform it. The more times it is twisted the more hardened the metal will become. This makes this ring a piece to wear every day that becomes a beautiful part of your everyday look, rather than one take in and out often.


Your septum ring will arrive in a black Burning Rose Jewellery Co gift box, tied with gold ribbon, ready for gifting. 


Please allow 10 days for your septum ring to be created. It will then be posted on its way to you right away, with tracking included. There is no shipping charge for additional items.


To see my range of septum rings visit -

Lotus - Septum Ring

  • Solid Sterling Silver / Solid 9kt Gold


    Gauge - 14 (1.6mm)

    Width at widest part - 15mm

    Inside diameter - 8mm


    Standard Gauge sizes:
    18 gauge: 1mm (this is the same as an earring wire)
    16 gauge: 1.2mm (still thinnner than average body piercing size)
    14 gauge: 1.6mm (standard body piercing gauge, ie, a belly ring)
    12 gauge: 2mm (Slightly thicker than average)

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