Scarab Beetle  - Labradorite Necklace


This is a gorgeous collar length scarab beetle necklace, made of Sterling Silver and set with a stunning rose cut Labradorite. 


The scarab sits just above the collar bone making it the perfect length to go with most items of clothing. Pictured worn is the same necklace with a green Chalcedony and a slightly thinner chain. 


The scarab beetle was much revered in ancient Egypt and features heavily in their jewellery, objects and art. It was considered representative of the cycle of life and death and therefore was worn as an amulet of protection and good luck. In the 1800's, the western world experienced a renewed fascination with all things ancient Egyptian. The "Egyptian Revival" period saw many fashionable Victorian era people wearing these symbols again. The scarab beetle remains today an icon in jewellery. 


Solid Sterling Silver

Width - 30mm
Height - 28mm
Thickness - 1.8mm
Gem - 6mm

Necklace Length - Collar

Chain - Sterling Silver, close curb


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Scarab Beetle - Labradorite Necklace

  • Sterling Silver and Labradorite


    Height - 28mm

    Width - 30mm

    Thickness - 1.8mm

    Gemstone - rose cut Labradorite, 6mm

    Necklace Length - collar

    Chain - Sterling Silver close curb chain